Validation capsules for Biological Indicators (BI’s)

The validation capsules Sporfix for biological indicators are used during Qualification and Validation of:

  • Bioreactors and fermentors
  • Equipment sterilized with SIP (Sterilization In Place)
  • Autoclaves

Sporfix has been developed by our validation specialist in cooperation with Ultrapharma.

See certificate and instructions below.

Sporfix and tool for safe handling, will add value to your validation by

securing the biological indicators and temperature sensors during thermal studies.

The placement of Sporfix is fixed by the solid metal string

in ex. tubes, process tanks and specially safe placement through diaphragm valves.

Designed for single use to avoid direct handling of the BI’s after studies.

The biological indicator in Sporfix from the thermal study, will only be handled by the laboratory staff during incubation.

The BI validation capsules are made of EPDM (see certificate)

or Silicone (see certificate) approved by FDA.

See instruction “how to use” Sporfix and how to fit the temperature sensor

and the solid metal string – video.

For detailed and approved instruction of the BI validation capsule and tool – Instruction.

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